SSFP Endorsements

Endorsements / blurbs for The Secrets of Successful Financial Planning (SSFP)

Clear and actionable explanations, dramatic human interest accounts, balanced and rare financial insight… SSFP is an enlightening and powerful help to those of any age, even if they think their finances & strategies are optimized… a must-read!

– Harry S. Dent, Jr., Author of ​Zero Hour and numerous investment books


Dan Gallagher offers a pleasurable read as well as a broad perspective on financial planning that is often kept close to the vest by others.  SSFP is a “must read” and a useful tool that facilitates understanding this opaque area.

– Robert V. Cornish Jr., Attorney at Law, FINRA Arbitrator & EB-5 Securities Roundtable member


From Monte Carlo analysis and portfolio theory to tax strategies and economics, Gallagher puts it all in everyday language for practical use.  SSFP can help almost anyone bring efficiency to their financial planning, a huge benefit to readers.  SSFP is strongly recommended.

– Arthur B. Laffer, Ph.D., Father of Supply-side Economics, Economic Advisor to two presidents, Author