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The Pleistocene Redemption (TPR) was self-published as a hardcover novel in 1998 and released as a softcover revision in 2000.  Self-publishing was a mistake, especially because best-selling authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child recommended it to Ed Gleason, Editor-in-Chief at America’s largest Science Fiction publisher back in 1997.  But I was impatient and took the project away from Big-name agent, Frank Weiman.  Are you thinking of a word for me that rhymes with “oofus” and starts with a “d”?  But TPR did sell 4,100 copies (net of returns) with scant marketing.  TPR proved its “impulse buy” appeal and got 26 great reviews out of 28.  In 2014, agent Bill Pettit did achieve a screenplay re-submission invitation from Paramount’s Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who loved the very unique story line (contrary to cynical adage that there are no new story lines) .

I could not leave the project alone.  I continued to make improvements, accelerating the pace and tweaking the plot.  The new title is Ancient of Genes (AOG), now a fast-paced 105,000 words, down from the 1998 predecessor’s 145,000.

The original received high praise from scientists and other writers:

“… Thoroughly compelling. …The climax, containing one of the finest action sequences in recent fiction, approaches apocalyptic dimensions… . While Michael Crichton’s Jurassic stories were interesting, Gallagher ups the ante dramatically and intellectually.”
–Richard J. Woods, OP, author of Mysticism and Prophecy and fiction works.

“… Hard to put down… hauntingly close to real possibilities… terrifying. I truly enjoyed the action, excitement, politics, human drama, all mixed with enough science to make me think that perhaps this could really happen.”
–Scott R. Woodward, PhD, geneticist, Brigham Young University

“Thrilling new insight into the increasingly lethal Culture of Death pandemic. Not only is the style of writing riveting, but the scientific and ethical infrastructure of this remarkable work is faultless. A brave new voice is heard…!”
–Bernard N. Nathanson, MD, author of The Hand of God

“With skill, wit and humor, Gallagher deftly propels readers. This fun and pleasurable tale is hauntingly profound. Accelerating powerfully within natural and supernatural realms, it enthralls, consoles and terrifies. This important thriller melds biotechnology, espionage, spiritual challenge, prehistoric adventure and more. A compelling and meaningful experience, The Pleistocene Redemption joins the ranks of Shelley’s Frankenstein, Huxley’s Brave New World and Miller’s A Canticle for Leibowitz.”
–Russell E. Smith, STD, KHS, 1992-96 President, The Pope John Center, a bioethics institute

Click here for a Preview of this novel, including twenty-six additional reviews of the work, as well as samples of the animal art from the front matter, the Prologue (optional for publishers who don’t use those) and the first chapter.

An excerpt from Chapter Four, featuring secondary character Paleontologist Dr. Bart Lloyd, has been converted to a short story.  Click The Yeti to enjoy it.

Dan GallagherSequel in progress: Click here:  As of 8/1/2017, six of twenty short stories are complete as a sequel to Ancient of Genes. The screenplay re-write is 2/3 complete, btw.  These short stories are paired, one set in ancient times and another eerily connected tale set around 2030.  These tie in like chapters, but stand alone or in pairs for maximum reader enjoyment and convenience.

Cryptozoology nonfiction with fiction project:  Although tales and reports of mysterious “crypto” animals have always been popular, there has never been a book that pairs an intriguing research, with sources, to a thrilling fiction short. Click Monster in the Sand for a very short example. Fifteen or so animals are planned for a three-volume set:

A. Cryptoid Animal Encounters:

1. Giant Salamander (Monster in the Sand)
2. Thylacoleo & Megalania (in progress;  n-f sections to be added soon)
3. Sasquatch (esp Alaska DNA samples from attack)
4. Nandi Bear, Ethiopia
5. Russian Eden: Mammoth, Short-faced bear (1880s Canada, etc.)
6. Giant eels
7. Teddy Roosevelt’s South American ape & Orem’s Megatherium
8. Two-lobed, gargantuan pachyderm (1960s Nepal)
9. Elasmosaurus (1970s Japanese Trawler) & Lake monsters
10. Congo giant snakes (1951) and Dimetrodon (1880)
11. Megalodon, Giant Squid and “What’s in Lake Vostok?”
12. Shark adaptation to fresh water; spreading!
13. Boar rampage:  Mongolia, Appalachia, Georgia
14. USS Indianapolis-like tragedy but w/ Humbolt Squid schools

B. Cryptoid Sapien Affects:  Too Close for Comfort!

1. Hobbit / Florensis
2. Russian Wildman (Neanderthal)
3. Spontaneous Human Combustion
4. Human-pet psychic connections
5. Demonic possession of animals
6. Mothman and “flying bell” radiation-caused mutants
7. Humans in South America 50,000 years ago
8. Dennis Stanford’s “Solutrean hypothesis”, U.S. coast 25k y.a.

C. Crypto-squeemish:

1. Parasites, perhaps bred large!
2. Amazon Urethra fish!
3. Borneo brain worm in sinuses, brain? Herod’s own!
4. Mutation of face mites!
5. MRSA, etc.
6. Viruses = extraterrestrial seeds; fertilizing wave arrives
7. Fungus/manna oddities
8. Giant worms from toilets, drains, etc. Attracted to iron in blood, get into eyes.
9. Giant Iraqi camel spider
10. Animals around volcanic vents under sea adapt to normal pressure in lab; escape!