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Because I am now retired, The Secrets of Successful Financial Planning does not present a bias for either fee based or commissioned planners.  SSFP thoughtfully covers all areas of personal financial planning, and includes genuine secrets and poorly-known issues that both consumers and professionals MUST read to avoid mistakes. Almost 20% of the book is devoted to thirty real life emotional narratives illuminating crucial topics through tragedy and triumph:  No other financial planning book has done this, though some of the self-serving types have a few anecdotes.  It covers Real Estate and other planning issues most financial planners are not even familiar with.  The author’s experience includes thirty years as a financial planning professional providing sound counsel to clients.  In addition, he has experience in business valuation & brokerage, employee benefit planning, commercial realty, and corporate recruiting.   SSFP is fully indexed, illustrated, and written in clear English!

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