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Because I am retired, The Secrets of Successful Financial Planning (SSFP) is not a marketing tool supporting a professional practice.  It contains zero bias:  neither toward fee based service / money management nor commissioned products.

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SSFP covers all areas of personal financial planning, and includes genuine secrets and poorly known issues essential in helping consumers and professionals avoid mistakes.

Almost 20% of the book is devoted to thirty real life emotional narratives illuminating crucial topics through tragedy and triumph:  No other financial planning book has ever come close to this.  SSFP covers Real Estate, legal, tax and other planning issues about which most financial planners are not fully versed and which most financial planning books leave out.

The subtitle is “Inside Tips from an Expert” because of Dan Gallagher’s broad experience and the myriad topics that are kept from the public or poorly known.  The author’s experience (see below) includes thirty years as a financial planning professional providing genuinely expert counsel to personal and business clients.  In addition, Dan has experience in business valuation & brokerage, employee benefit planning, commercial realty, and corporate recruiting.

SSFP is fully indexed, illustrated, and written in clear English!

Click here for a pdf file with numerous excerpts:  SSFP – EXCERPTS.  This file has nearly 15,000 words, plus the Contents & Index.  SSFP’s word count is 94,000, around 20,000 more than most financial planning books, and yet it is taut; not wordy (i.e, a to-the-point great value and “deep dive”).

Pre-marketing is strong; orders are already in the thousands.  Available May 1, 2018.  Order your copy, supplies could be out or delivery delayed.  Also, the price is $16.99, but some booksellers offer pre-orders at around $11 to $14.  So, order SSFP at your neighborhood bookstore or click Amazon , B&N , Independent BookStores, or iTunes link NOW and choose the e-version or perfect-bound softcover.

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About the Author:

Dan graduated from Virginia Military Institute (1981), third among Economics majors, simultaneously completing the Modern Languages curriculum. He served in the Infantry, then as a reservist in a Special Forces support role, next as a Training Company Commander and later in a classified Army Research Institute role. Dan completed his Master of Business Administration at William & Mary (1986). He and wife Laura married in 1988, loved raising their four children, and assisted both Boy and Girl Scouting through their church. His professional designations included: Chartered Financial Consultant & Chartered Life Underwriter (1989), Certified Financial Planner® (1992) and Certified Business Intermediary (2002). His thirty-year practice encompassed group and individual benefits, money management, financial plans, business valuation & brokerage, commercial realty and – often very personal – counseling. Dan has given numerous seminars at major employers and other entities, is the author of a novel, a licensing manual, and numerous articles in journals such as Virginia Lawyers Weekly, Financial & Estate Planning and Charlotte Ventures. Dan recently completed the University of North Carolina Graduate Teaching program and retired from financial services to work professionally as a writer and educator.