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Agents and publishers yearn for winners.  Readers crave powerful thrills and useful edification.  Advertisers demand motivating copy.  If you’re one of these four, you’re at the right place!

So, welcome!  There are three main areas to this in-progress new web site.  Poke around.  You know you’ve got an itch I can scratch!


Dan at DeskMy personal financial planning book, The Secrets of Successful Financial Planning (SSFP), is forthcoming from Skyhorse Publishing, 1/16/2018. I’ve also been published in Real Estate:  three licensure study guides & more.  I’ll soon complete a collection of original humor (all reader tested).

Speaking Engagements & Freelance

Freelance:  Get it YOUR way and get results!  Utilize me for your:

Corporate or Family Story
Ghost & Co-writing (Celebrities, Sports Players, Business Leaders, etc.)
Mail Campaign
White PaperPrivate Tutoring

Speaking Engagements:  Supercharged help for YOUR people through Secrets of Successful Financial Planning

Train the Trainer
Train financial professionals / improve their competencies
Financial advisor Client Appreciation Events / help advisors help clients
Help individuals via Not-for-Profit Organizations, like military or other retirees


Indian DanThe Pleistocene Redemption (TPR) was self-published in 1998 and sold 4,100 copies, net of returns, and met other important milestones and had very interesting reviews.  Now being considered by Night Shades Books, the fiction sister company of Skyhorse,  TPR has been vastly improved, especially as to pace.  I invite professionals to evaluate it.  I’d love to find a new agent (Bill Pettit was fine, but cinematic only), so professionals are warmly invited to poke around and contact me. The new title is Ancient of Genes (AOG).  A sequel, composed of related short stories, is in progress.

Also in progress is a short story anthology, each paired with fascinating nonfiction research, on cryptozoological animals.  Crypto means “hidden”.  Experience fantastic beasts that are rumored to exist, from nine-foot long carnivorous salamanders to marsupial lions!

Speaking Engagements, Seminars and Teaching:  If you would like me to help your group via a workshop or brief talk, you’re warmly invited to check my background; your call will be a high priority!