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An experienced speaker:  Dan offers nationally recognized expertise that can help attendees solve & head-off financial problems for themselves and clients.  He can train your advisors on those ‘Secrets of Successful Financial Planning’ about which even very experienced planners are unaware or do not know how to implement.  That deficit costs your firm relationships & revenues!

Skyhorse Publishing of NY sought out Dan (not the other way around) to author its consumer-oriented book Secrets of Successful Financial Planning (SSFP). Authoring SSFP, along with Skyhorse’s encouragement, prompted Dan to retire and offer speaking and training engagements nationwide.

Providing copies of SSFP and having Dan speak at Client Appreciation events & seminars will make your reps far more effective. That’s because Dan and  SSFP function as zero-bias, third-party endorsements of your representatives’ proper recommendations!

Charlotte Magazine selected Dan as a ‘2009 Five-star Wealth Manager.’  Dan was a panelist and guest speaker at the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce’s 2007 ‘Business Disposition Workshop.’  Anheuser-Busch, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Canon USA, and more have sponsored his seminars.  Dan’s financial articles have appeared in The Daily Press, Financial Planning, and The Virginia Gazette.  Articles by and about Dan have been published in the Charlotte Business Journal and Charlotte Ventures.  Dan was honored in 2002 by the International Association of Business Brokers for technical expertise as a Certified Business Intermediary. His fiction and narrative nonfiction have been published by Skyhorse Publishing, Superversive Press, Millhaven Press, Creative Loafing, NFAA Archery, and AncientProphecies Press.  Dan now offers speaking/training services and was recently (June 2018) accepted and registered as an “expert witness” with The Expert Institute, New York.

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Freelance Assignments:  Tour around this web site and examine some of my excerpts and articles to gain a feel for my writing style and broad topic familiarity.  I have pre-approach letters and other writings available upon request.  But, first:  Invest eight minutes in my narrated bio slides.  The payoff is that you can discover whether I’m right for your company’s culture & project; whether you should take time to read example works:

If you visit UpWork  you can see my grammar/usage test score:  very top tier of over a half-million English language copywriters. More importantly, I listen to you, and this crucial skill contributes to me producing success for your project. I can ask the right questions and take careful notes to make sure you get what you envisioned; perhaps better!

Areas of expertise:

  • I can write stories to honor a deceased family member, chronicle a company’s progress, highlight a product line, etc..
  • Over my 30-year career in Financial Planning, I have honed my skill in direct-mail marketing and can promote your product or service efficiently and effectively.
  • A skilled researcher, I can produce a white paper on any topic required.
  • Thirty years of financial, realty/business brokerage experience, as well as military and executive recruiting experience, have made me sensitive to compliance and due care in communications.  I can even work with compliance or legal departments to maximize effectiveness within their boundaries.

Procrastination costs you opportunity; you may even be scooped by a competitor. You need the right gun.  So, let’s discuss your project or conference NOW!

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